Really? What's happening at 4shared?

Today, reviewing an e-mail received by the 4shared service, I read about some new capabilities available for free and premium users.

When I start reading, the statistics panel shows some 'useful information' -I supposed they try to astound the new incoming user- where the list shows some suspicious numbers:

4shared - file storage and sharing service on the web
With us: 10,500,000 users
Daily visits: 11,000,222
Hosted files: 940 TB
Daily file transfer: 317 TB

Well, with a big number of users as mean 10'500,000, a total amount of files sizing only 940 TB is a ridiculous 'fact'. A ' daily file transfer of 317 TB' versus a total amount of 940 TB implies a tremendous stress on and over the file servers, and a very big possibility of a massive lost of data due to hardware failures.

Then, talking about the numbers displayed in the statistics, seems there are 2 possibilities:

First: some writing mistake, registering 940 TB instead 940 PetaB.
Second: a serious trouble with the server's management, which is not allowing to show the total amount of space used by the customers, or the systematic exclusion of some kind of files.

Anyway, there's something happening at 4shared... and seems not to be good news at all.

Nam stat fua cuiq~ dies, breue et irreparabile tempus.