Against the polite racism of the Bealls' stores.

Well, seems now is the time to make some observations, to the Customer Service at Bealls' stores.

I'm a customer from the last 4 years. I'm very disappointed about the poor quality of your client attention service. We opened an credit account, with my wife's name as account holder. All were fine, in our first buys, but in some date, our account balance were not send to us anymore. Even, the bad and one of the worst services as you have reach the maximum, when we try to make a payment in your store, but we both, my wife and me, do not have at hand our 'payment card'. Was impossible ¡to make a payment in your own store! Nor our telephone number, our names, our address, well, even the same cash payment, was able to unlock your sick and blind customer assistance system.

We are from México. BUT WE PAY IN US. DLLS AT YOUR STORES. We request the possibility of check ONLINE your balance... and the stupid answer we receive was 'We do not offer such service to our alien customers'. ¡Hey guys! ¡I'm buying, paying, doing all my transactions in your stores, in Texas! That's a polite kind of racism, and a very outrage example of the bad credit system that you are managing.

Well, at this time, i don't know the total amount of my account with you. I do not have more balances, do not have access to an online service in your store. But we are pretty sure that, once we cover our debt with you, you will not receive one more dollar from us. But, we will be generous, and we will do a great publicity campaign against you starting in our Facebook accounts, with this same message as our current 'status'. I were thinking about provide the name of my wife -the 'titular holder' of our account-, but with the previous situation, i'm sure that you will be unable to find who we are. Then i will not spend more my time -and our money- with you. But if do you want to find me in your 'great' database system, only search for Francisco Arriaga, Mexican customer.

Best Regards.

Nam stat fua cuiq~ dies, breue et irreparabile tempus.