Dicen que los niños bien asados son ricos en proteínas, minerales, vitaminas, hierro, y otra suerte de elementos igual de benéficos para el cuerpo humano.

In the city famine prevailed to such an extent, that as S. Datius relates in his Annals, an unfortunate mother roasted and ate her infant, that being the first morsel she had eaten since her confinement. The city was surrendered, but the terms of surrender were not kept. It was given up to plunder, and the streets ran with the blood of the butchered citizens. What became of the archbishop is not known, ; some assert that he was taken captive to Ravenna, but was liberated at the intercession of his friend Cassiodorus.

Baring-Gould, 'The lives of the saints'. Volume 1. 1897. p. 210.

Nam stat fua cuiq~ dies, breue et irreparabile tempus.


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