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Jung Typology Test

Your Type is 

Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judging

Strength of the preferences % 

22        38        38        22

Qualitative analysis of your type formula

 You are:
slightly expressed introvert
moderately expressed intuitive personality
moderately expressed feeling personality
slightly expressed judging personality

Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging

Beneath the quiet exterior, INFJs hold deep convictions about the weightier matters of life. Those who are activists -- INFJs gravitate toward such a role -- are there for the cause, not for personal glory or political power. 

INFJs are champions of the oppressed and downtrodden. They often are found in the wake of an emergency, rescuing those who are in acute distress. INFJs may fantasize about getting revenge on those who victimize the defenseless. The concept of 'poetic justice' is appealing to the INFJ. 

"There's something rotten in Denmark." Accurately suspicious about others' motives, INFJs are not easily led. These are the people that you can rarely fool any of the time. Though affable and sympathetic to most, INFJs are selective about their friends. Such a friendship is a symbiotic bond that transcends mere words. 

INFJs have a knack for fluency in language and facility in communication. In addition, nonverbal sensitivity enables the INFJ to know and be known by others intimately. 

Writing, counseling, public service and even politics are areas where INFJs frequently find their niche.

Me relleva el tren!

Según lo veo, casi me corre atole por las venas. O no me lo tomo muy en serio: de otra manera no entiendo el por qué en nada subí del 50%.

...Espero que haya algo bueno en eso.

Addita: Marina M. Heiss me trata un poco mejor:

Introverted iNtuiting Feeling Judging
by Marina Margaret Heiss

Usually self-expression comes more easily to INFJs on paper, as they tend to have strong writing skills. Since in addition they often possess a strong personal charisma, INFJs are generally well-suited to the "inspirational" professions such as teaching (especially in higher education) and religious leadership. Psychology and counseling are other obvious choices, but overall, INFJs can be exceptionally difficult to pigeonhole by their career paths. Perhaps the best example of this occurs in the technical fields. Many INFJs perceive themselves at a disadvantage when dealing with the mystique and formality of "hard logic", and in academic terms this may cause a tendency to gravitate towards the liberal arts rather than the sciences. However, the significant minority of INFJs who do pursue studies and careers in the latter areas tend to be as successful as their T counterparts, as it is *iNtuition* -- the dominant function for the INFJ type -- which governs the ability to understand abstract theory and implement it creatively.

Nam stat fua cuiq~ dies, breue et irreparabile tempus.


Sender Eleven ha dicho que…
50% ¿De que? ¿De peso?
-ReD- ha dicho que…
Pero si notas el sencillo equilibrio?

A mi me gustó lo que dice. Da sensación de conviccion, certeza, no se. Un suave "lo que ves es lo que hay" lo cual brinda cierta serenidad. y eso me parece sano. Bueno, eso opino.

Gracias por compartir los resultados. jé
Gansipapas ha dicho que…
El calentamiento global?
Francisco Arriaga ha dicho que…

el peso es lo que menos me preocupa, ahorita nomás con que no suba el dólar, ya la hicimos.


Gracias por el equilibrio, quizá me 'caló' un poco porque no me considero equilibrado. Aunque confesaré que montonal de personas que me tratan suelen tenerme en el concepto de 'ser una persona muy conciliadora', aunque no sé qué carajos significa eso.


El calentamiento global sí me afecta. Aquí en Nuevo Laredo hace 3 años estuvimos a 49 grados centígrados a la sombra. Ahorita apenas estamos por comenzar la época de calor y ya la llevamos en 34 grados, creo que este año podremos al fin rostizar pollo sobre el cofre de los coches.
Sender Eleven ha dicho que…
Extraverted Intuitive Thinking Judging
11 38 1 11

no estoy en armonia
-ReD- ha dicho que…
Introverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving
67 25 1 11

Y que me quedo callada.
Sender Eleven ha dicho que…
Oh Red, somos gemelos Thinking Perceiving, que chilo.
Sender Eleven ha dicho que…
Ah no, nomas Thinking.
-ReD- ha dicho que…
dmt... y ya víste con qué numero coincimos ? blup blup ...

Me asusta el 67 -introverted.
Francisco Arriaga ha dicho que…
el 67 introverted... a mí me aterrorizaría.


je, no es cierto.
-ReD- ha dicho que…
psss de hecho...
Srita. Axolotl ha dicho que…
mmm yo resulte I N F P
56 62 12 22,

han hecho el keirsey? ese es mas aterrador... sobre todo cuando me di cuenta que era muy acertado, y que... no soy compatible con casi nadie en el mundo... jajaja hay un link ahí mismo, en la página de humanmetrics