Se me antojó un café

Quod scripsi, scripsi!

A mi suegro y a mí nos encanta el café con crema irlandesa. Sobre todo con el clima que estos días comenzó a refrescarse, y cada vez huele más a fin de año y principios de año.

Revisando las estadísticas del blog sobre Patrologia encontré una visita inesperada. La razón está en una nota aparecida en un website que pertenece a "CHRIST CHURCH CATHEDRAL DUBLIN: THE CATHEDRAL CHURCH OF THE HOLY TRINITY COMMONLY CALLED CHRIST CHURCH DUBLIN".

Aquí está la entrada:

12/10/2008 The choir of Christ Church cathedral, Dublin with the dean, the Revd David Oxley and Bishop Donald Caird.The October gallery of the diocesan website pictures Dáithí Ó Maolchoille speaking after the service of Urnaí na Nóna yesterday, as well as two lay vicars choral from the cathedral choir, Felicity McElroy and Simon McHale, the latter of whom composed the responses and canticles for the service.
Monument to Nathaniel Sneyd (d.1833)The resources of the internet never cease to amaze. One recent Spanish blogger on the subject of the 'Patrologia Latina, Graeca et Orientalis' included the published works of Joseph Armitage Robinson, a former dean of Westminster abbey (1902–11) and Wells cathedral (1911-?33), and in doing so listed Robinson's analysis of the first Anglo-Norman archbishop of Dublin, John Cumin, a former Somerset archdeacon, which appeared in his Somerset historical essays, and is freely available on the Internet Archive. Another blog from Litza described the cathedral as 'huge and stunning', recounting finding herself having 'accidentally slipped in with a large group' and musing philosophically on the merits of this. She paraphrased one crypt memorial (Nathaniel Sneyd's) which described a man who had 'found happiness by bringing happiness to others', which to her sounded 'like the best kind of life one can lead'. Another blog by Pat and Carol delighted in how everywhere was within walkable distance of the cathedral.

Qué curioso que una referencia tan 'oscura' -al menos por estos lares- haya tenido repercusiones allá, en Dublín. Y más curiosa la palabra 'spanish'. En otro contexto y situación 'eso me hubiera cabreado, joder!...' Ja.

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