Miyazya 26

Quod scripsi, scripsi!

Miyazya 26. In this day St. Socinius, son of Sol Petros, became martyr.
The father of this saint was friend of renegade Diocletian who was reigning
(at that time). An angel of God appeared to him and strengthened his heart to
become a martyr, and this became his thought. Then the King sent him to the
city of Nicomedia and sent to him a charter to restore idolatry. And when the
saint saw this, he grieved much, and then he sent for and brought a priest, and
learned from him the learning of the Church, and received Christian baptism.
Then he returned to the city of Antioch and found there that his sister gave
birth to a son of perverted nature. And before him she gave birth to a daughter,
and killed her and drank her blood, and Devil abode inside of hers, and by
magic she turned into the appearance of bird or snake. And when at the people
of the city a child was born, she came over him and killed him by magic, and
drank his blood. And when St. Socinius saw this, he took a spear at his hand
and killed his sister and her son, because he was a son of Devil, and he killed
her husband and his father, the sorcerers, because they did harm to the people
and killed them by magic. And then he returned to the city of Nicomedia and
came to the priest, who had given to him Christian baptism, and told him
everything which had happened to him. When he returned to the city, his
father learned what had happened to him, and he wanted to kill him and
accused before the King. At that time St. Socinius went to the temple of idols
and ordered them by the might of Christ to come down to hell, and immediately
the mouth of the earth yawned and swallowed them. There spread the
news that St. Socinius had destroyed the idols, and again his father accused
him before the King, and he ordered to convict him by a great execution, and
they beat him by iron cudgels and to break him on the wheel, and they beat
him on the threshing floor, where they threshed corn. And then they dragged
him to the city, and God was strengthening him and gave him patience to
endure all this execution, and the angel of God was curing his wounds all the
time and was raising him quite sound without any injury, and because of him
many people believed in our Lord Jesus Christ, glory to Him! And he became
martyr. And when the King was tired of all these convictions, he ordered to
cut his holy head with a sword, and he received the martyr’s crown of the
Kingdom of Heaven. And the number of those who became martyrs through
the same execution like his is 1190 martyrs. Let their blessing be with us. Amen.

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[See the same recension in a critical edition: G. COLIN, PO 46, fasc. 4, No 208) 578 [98]–581 [101].]