Hija de tigre, pintita...

Quod scripsi, scripsi!

Hoy publiqué en el blog de Patrología una entrada sobre el Supplement a una obra magnífica: el Thesaurus Syriacus de Payne Smith.

Quien elaboró dicho Suplemento fue su hija, J. P. Margoliouth.

Nomás pa' que se den una quemadita:


EITHER a thesaurus nor its supplement can be final, even when of a dead language; MSS re-appear; new or insufficiently treated words come to light; new theories of interpretation arise.
Except in a few cases I have omitted (a) notes on the native Lexica, as students now have M. Rubens Duval's edition of Bar Bahlul with his full and scholarly notes; (b) dialects, such as Palestinian Syriac and Modern Syriac, on which full information is now accessible.
The following book is compiled (a) from collections, left by my father for this purpose, of words from books published too late for use in the earlier parts of his work; (b) from corrections and lexicographical theories in magazines, such as the Journal Asiatique and the Zeitschrijt
der Deutschen Morgenlandischen Gesellschaft; (c) from glossaries and separate words noted by many editors of Syriac MSS, e. g. Dr. Wright's glossary to Kalilah-w-Dimnah; Dr. G. Hoffmann's invaluable geographical study on Acts of the Martyrs; the notes of M. Chabot in his Recueil de Synodes Nestoriens; the full and valuable footnotes to Sir E. A. Wallis Budge's Historia Monastica; (d) from notes kindly given to me by various scholars, such as those of Bishop Maclean on liturgical and ritual matters: and from references supplied by Messrs. E. W. Brooks, F. Nau, R. Gottheil, and A. Mingana. Of especial value are the references from M. Rubens Duval's copy of the Thesaurus, acquired after' his lamented death by M. l'Abbe Hyvernat, who most kindly sent this copy for my use before adding it to his library. (e) Naturally I have excerpted various books, aided by my husband, who has been my constant referee throughout.
Sir E. A. W. Budge allowed me the use of his fine MS., the Butyrum Sapientiae of Bar Hebraeus, still unpublished, and of his Book of Medicine before publication.
My thanks are also due to the Delegates of the Clarendon Press for allowing the publication of this supplemental volume. Warm thanks are also due to the past and present readers and compositors of the Press for their great interest, skill, and attention, especially to Mr. Ulric Gantillon for many a scholarly suggestion. Dr. A. Mingana has had the kindness to read proofs and make invaluable corrections and suggestions.
My father's constant desire, in which I associate myself, is that the present wider study of the Syriac language may result in increased attention to versions of Holy Scripture in this language, especially to Mrs. Lewis's valuable discovery, in the Convent Library of Mount Sinai, of a more ancient version of the Gospels than the Peshito, itself existing in older MSS than any Greek text.


OXFORD, June, 1927.

...Esta niña se codeaba con Brooks, Mingana, Nau... y toda esa caterva.

Qué maldita envidia, me cái.